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Suicide Silence: ‘Engine no.9 (Deftones cover)

You might’ve heard of Suicide Silence. Unfairly painted by death metal purists as being “too scene” (what does that mean?) because they committed the cardinal sin of playing to audiences of younger, more MySpace-using fans than the usual truck of bearded beer-bellies that show up to death metal shows. The LA deathcore-types have been on tour with lots of big names as part of the Rockstar Mayhem tour in the US, and when I saw them headline the Summer Slaughter tour in the UK I could see why there’s such a fuss about them: they were blinding.

You’ve definitely heard of Deftones. By far the best band to arrive during that 1990s belch that goes by the name ‘nu-metal’. They were one of the bands – if not the band – that got me into metal at the tender age of 14. I could go on but I’m saving it for another blog, another time.

Well, the former has gone and covered the latter. A big, stonking heavy screaching bastard cover of ‘Engine no.9’, to be precise. I’m sure there are plenty of people who’ll consider this cover sacrilege, but anyone who’s had to hear Deftones cover Weezer, right when they should be tearing ‘7 Words’ apart, knows that they’re hardly without sin in the covers game.


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