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Viking Skull: ‘Beer, Drugs and Bitches’

After the sonic abortion of the last blog entry, I think we ought to get back to Proper Metal as soon as fucking possible – which calls for Viking Skull. The above video was shot at the 2006 Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards – I was there, slumped up in the gallery, hiding behind a Rob Zombie cowboy hat. A friend of mine was PR’ing the company providing the free booze to the journalists and rock stars, and I’d happily taken her up on her offer of free VIP tickets. She would later inadvertantly vocalise the thoughts of a thousand right-thinking metal fans when she remarked during Dragonforce’s performance, “This band isn’t for real, are they? They’re a joke band, right?”

In case you’re not familiar with them, The Golden Gods are Metal Hammer magazine’s annual exercise in back-slapping and gong-dishing, and so are scheduled to take place immediately after Download Festival ends, in order to maximise the number of international metal figures can be in attendance. In 2006, I’d somewhat….”overdone” it at Download, and had passed out in the middle of a field on the hottest day of the year. Resulting in second-degree burns all over my face.  I was looking more like a member of Lordi (who later picked up a Spirit of Hammer Award in recognition of their Eurovision win that year, and of whom I later help pick a member of off the floor of the Gent’s after he collapsed in the venue’s sweltering heat).

The band initially started as a joke band, made up by members of Raging Speedhorn at their roadcrew – you can spot a few of them in the video. However, the band would self-destruct in a booze-fueled punch up a mere three months after the above video was shot. Thankfully, Jess Margera, brother of Bam and drummer with CKY, a long-time fan of the band, stepped in and gave frontman Roddy Stone the kick up the arse needed to re-start the band. A few line-up changes and releases later, Viking Skull are now set to release new album, Doom, Gloom, Heartache & Whiskey, in the UK today. And a fucking fine piece of retro-tinged, bulldozer-strength riff indulgence it is too.


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Marilyn Manson: ‘Get Your Gunn’

There were a fair few options I was weighing up for today’s entry – the brief mention of Stampin’ Ground in the last blog post made me think about covering Romeo Must Die, one of the bands formed from their ashes. Then there was the leak of the new AC/DC record, which every man woman and metalhead is busy bit-torrenting. But then I heard about the death of Gidget Gein, aka Brad Stewart, which somehow passed me by when it was announced on Friday.

Brad Stewart was a short-lived bassist in Marilyn Manson, under the stage-name of Gidget Gein. He only played on one of their major label albums (the band’s debut, Portrait of an American Family) and never really toured with the band, being fired for his drug addictions and replaced by Jeordie ‘Twiggy Ramirez’ White soon after the album was complete. In his autobiography, The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell (ghost-written by Neil Strauss, who would later go on to co-write Mötley Crüe’s The Dirt), Manson describes several of Gein’s overdoses, saying he “once loved Brad like a little brother, which made it easier to hate him”. When he would later have his own overdose, Manson would reflect that it was the weakness of addiction that Stewart had become a pawn of, rather than the man himself, that he hated.

The pair had something of a reconciliation a few years ago, when Stewart appeared in the label-banned and Asia Argento-directed promo to ‘(s)Aint’ from Manson’s 2003 album, The Golden Age Of Grotesque. Since leaving Manson’s band, Stewart had been in a number of musical projects, but never found the success he had breifly found in Marilyn Manson, nor did he ever truly defeat his addiction to drugs. Stewart’s death as a result of a heroin overdose in his California home.

To mark his passing, we’re decided to run today with ‘Get Your Gunn’ by Marilyn Manson, the first single from Portrait of an American Family.

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