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Send More Paramedics: ‘Blood Fever’

They just don’t make enough videos like this anymore – it’s like a punk rock ‘Thriller’ (we prefer the one we’ve linked to the Jacko original…). There’s a nod to John Carpenter in the intro music, gore that would do¬† George Romero proud, and a killer track that sounds like the soundtrack to that houseparty you went to as a teenager that ended up when the police turfed everyone out at 5am after someone set fire to the bedroom and crashed the bath through the floor. In short: perfect.

Send More Paramedics were a Leeds-based zombiecore (yes, really) that couldn’t fit my Halloween theme week any better if they tried. I saw them whip up the punk tent at Leeds 2006 into a feeding frenzy of circle-pit moshing. Approximately a year later they split, leaving behind them three cracking albumsA Feast for the Fallen, The Hallowed and The Heathen and The Awakening.

They loaded their songs with references to classic zombie flicks – hell, The Awakening is a straight-up concept album, a soundtrack to a zombie film that doesn’t exist. For six years the band stuck to their schtick, and made their gimmick work for them rather than becoming a slave to it.

Members of the band have re-surfaced in the bands The Dead Eyes of Quint (think Down if they’d grown up in Huddersfield), and Humanity’s Gone (more traditional UKHC than Send More Paramedics, but still crushingly destructive) so their legacy still endures.


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Hellmouth: ‘Praying For Plague’

I’ve been on about established acts too much recently – time to go back underground. Michigan’s Hellmouth remind me of Stampin’ Ground, insofar that for a crossover hardcore band, they thrash harder than nine-tenths of bands passing themselves off as thrash-acts. Nasty, brutish and short, like a sadistic dwarf uppercutting your balls, ‘Praying For Plague’ is two minutes of painful hate.

The band have sold out of their Demo 08 self-release, but they’re currently working on their debut album, Destroy Everything, Worship Nothing, which should be out on Ferret Music by the end of the year. In theirt own words, it’s “a fucking evil monster of an album”. It’s on my Christmas list already.

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