Romeo Must Die: ‘Defined By Enemies’

For a brief period I considered covering the latest AC/DC record here, but let’s be realistic – if you’re in any way interested in AC/DC, you’ll have probably already downloaded one of the leaks and be buying tickets for next year’s tour already. Instead, today’s all about Romeo Must Die

After I mentioned Stampin’ Ground a few entries, I thought it a good time to bring up Romeo Must Die. It turns out the video for ‘Defined By Enemies’ was released about a week ago, which is all the more reason for me to post it here.

Stampin’ Ground were the angriest, most metal unit to emerge from the UKHC scene. Indeed, whenever they were covered in the metal press, they always seemed to be asked why they didn’t just become a full-on metal band, such was the Slayer-level intensity of their riffs. When they split up at the end of 2006 (with a fucking killer send-off show at the Camden Underworld, UK hardcore lost one of its prize fighters.

Luckily, two of the band re-surfaced in 2007 in a new outfit, Romeo Must Die. A mini-album emerged earlier this year (go get yourself over to their MySpace page and buy yourself a copy), sounding like the audio blueprint to the fiercest mosh pit kicking you’ll ever likely receive. The band are currently getting ready to play some shows across the UK and Europe (with support on two dates from The Defiled, who we’re just itching to write about in a future blog entry) so get yourself ready to tear it up in the pit.


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