Deftones: ‘My Own Summer (Shove It)’

That Sucide Silence mp3 earlier in the week got me reminiscing about Deftones – the band that got me into metal in the first place. It wasn’t some lank-haired cousin lending me Number of The Beast or spotting some guy in the street wearing a Metallica t-shirt that I thought looked cool. It was my mate Andy giving me a mixtape with KoRn on one side, and Deftones on the other.

This would’ve been in late 1997. Around The Fur, of which ‘My Own Summer (Shove It)’ is the opening track, had only been out a few months, and every single track of the Deftones side of the mixtape blew my mind a little bit further. I eventually wore the tape out, fast-forwarding and rewinding it till it snapped as I tried to listen to this track over and over again.

These days the young ‘uns can download themselves till their iPods burst, but back then 56kps modems were pretty much the bleeding edge. No doubt when their forthcoming album, Eros, is released early next year, even more kids will get into metal by sharing their music. I just hope they remember to give the band something back in exchange for gifting us with their talents.


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